Metal Forces Festival History

METAL FORCES FESTIVAL was founded in 2000 by Daniele Milizia and Svea Schlageter. The festival was regularly taking place in Lörrach at Altes Wasserwerk since 2001 until 2011. As from 2011 the festival organisation has been initiating another concert series; namely 7 Rites Concerts, that took place in 2012 until 2013 in Basel, Switzerland (see history for line up details). The last Metal Forces festival took place in 2011. Currently the initiators are concentrating on other projects; hence the festival is pausing at present.

Beside The Devil’s Blood, Hirax, LockUp, Xentrix, Witchfynde, Diamond Head, Pagan Altar, Bulldozer from Italy, Wolf, Blitzkrieg (UK), Ruffians (US), Necrophagist (GER) and many others (see history line-up on HISTORY)  have entered the MFF stage since then.

(pics: eye-of-metal.com)

Metal Forces Festival offered special features, like merchandise-stands, live-tattoo conventions and more –  for the audiences a highlight to get full-loaded live metal music for reasonable prices.  Metal Forces Festival is an indoor-festival and it is located near the German / Swiss and French border, easily reachable to the Euro Airport in Basel or international Airport in Zurich. The last festival was held in 2011. In 2012 – 2013 Metal Forces organised several indoor-club-shows (7Rites Concerts): Xentrix, LockUp, Saturnalia Temple, Kaapora, Hangmans Chair, and others.